advantages for our clients

We combine the best of East and West and offer to our customers these advantages:

  1. Interesting price
    For the same scope of delivery, we are usually the lowest bidder.
  2. Quality leader
    We often hear from our customers, that our quality level is higher than that of our competitors. This difference can be observed statistically for large orders of more than 100 parts or when machining complicated components with 30 tolerated dimensions and more.
  3. Reliable date of delivery
    Keeping the defined date of delivery is our most important daily management objective.
  4. Flexibility
    We are able
    1. to implement new technologies at short notice and to start the manufacture of new products und we have proven this repeatedly,
    2. to take over old production systems of our customers or to transfer our own existing machines from east to west and vice versa. Our record is the setup and beginning of production of new series parts with new machines on a 3-shift basis after a time of notice of only 6 weeks.
  5. Good Communication
    We always keep our customers well informed on production progress and we inform him on small and large mistakes in design. Our management and our lead-hands know the whereabouts of every single part in production. We are active partners.
  6. Ideal Combinations
    1. "Series-parts from Germany" and "Tools from Czech Republic"
    2. "Machines and tools from 1 supplier"
    3. "Competitive heavy parts and precision-parts and assembly, all from 1 supplier and own production"
    4. "Double know-how by combining 2 leading countries in metal-working, Germany and Czech"
  7. Independent and neutral:
    1. We are independent of large conglomerates. There are no "unknown managers and board members in the background".
    2. We are neutral towards our customers and only concentrate on best manufacturing and assembly.
    3. We have signed confidentiality agreements with our customers for the protection of know-how.
    4. We work with a lean management and take short paths of decision.