We work with more than 120 machines from high-quality brands.
On our CNC-milling machines and CNC-boring mills we work with the latest CNC-control Heidenhain TNC 530.

large machines:

  • 3 gantry-mills up to 4,9 m x 14 m bedsize (Ingersoll, Waldrich Coburg, TOS-Hulin)
  • 8 boring-mills with turntable (Collet, TOS-Varnsdorf, Wotan)
  • 2 CNC 4-axes boring-mills with turntable (Union, Schiess)
  • 3 CNC boring mills turrett-type up to 10 m bedsize (Mecof. Butler)
  • 1 boring mill floor-type with spindle 160 (Schiess)
  • 2 gantry grinding machines up to 5 m bedsize (Schiess-Aschersleben, R&K)
  • 2 CNC turning machines vertical (Diedesheim)
  • 3 large CNC lathes up to 4 m x 10 m (Hercules, Ravensburg, NDF)
  • 1 large bending machine with 6 m rolls for up to 30 mm thickness (Schäfer)

small and medium machines:
  • CNC table mills (Mikron, Hermle, Deckel, Strojtos)
  • classical table-mills (Reckermann, Maho)
  • heavy mills for roughing (Bohle, Heller)
  • large vertical grinders (Blohm)
  • horizontal rotating grinders up to 5 m (TOS, Schaudt, BWF)
  • CNC drills (Alzmetall, Kolb)
  • pivoting drills (Kolb,Czepel)
  • classic lathes (Trens, EMCO)

presses, furnaces and other machinery:
  • hydraulic presses up to 200 tons (Janke, Reis)
  • mechanical presses up to 300 tons (Müller)
  • straigthening press with 100 tons and assembly-presses (Reis, Müller)
  • annealing furnaces (bell-type and hearth-type) up to 6m und 1100 °C (Bouvier)
  • sand blasting machines (Rump, Schlick, Wheelabrator)
  • 11 robot welding cells (Cloos, IGM)
  • bath-immersion paint-plant with 25 m drying-furnace
  • Cathodic dip-paint (KTL) for parts up to 8m
  • CNC-lathes up to 4500 mm (Gildemeister, Boeringer, Storebro)
  • and other machinery